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Our team at "Historic season"

2015 February 21 was completed branch Semey "Semey KVN". Registered 42 teams, 35 of them were successful "historical season", from 35 to 8 teams village. The team of our university in this year's "historic season" felt their chances. Captain of team active student of the University BegeldinovSayan. The team with his funny jokes showed good...

2015-02-27, 12:49 PM

Meeting with 2 course students during the week of the “Dean hour”

On February11, 2015in the lecture hallnumber2took place a meeting of second year students with the Dean of the Faculty of General medicine AlimbaevaA.R..On the meeting also attended deputy dean by educational work Yurkovskaya O.A. and metodist of 2 course Akberdinova A.S.

2015-02-25, 10:50 AM


There was tradition a carrying at general medical faculty "Week of dean`s hour" which took place on the 5-th course 10.02.15y. in act room of university with dean of faculty Alimbayeva A.R. and vice-dean Mussabekova Zh.A. On the meeting was listed about winter exam session, results of NLA. Was perform results of “Best group of course”, “Best g...

2015-02-24, 11:14 AM

Discussion of the results of winter examination session of "Public Health", "Nursing", "Medical preventive work” "Pharmacy" and "Stomatology" faculties

17 February of 2015 year at 17:00 in the second lecture hall of the main building of Semey State Medical University was the meeting of "Public Health", "Nursing", "Medical preventive work” "Pharmacy" and "Stomatology" faculties. The meeting was attended by the dean of the faculty, associate professor of dentistry Orazalina A.S., deputy dean U...

2015-02-23, 05:04 PM

Beginning of week of "Dean hour"

09.02.15 in the lecture hall №2 held a meeting of General Medicine faculty dean's office staff with students 1-5 courses on a paid basis. This meeting was the official beginning of the week of «Dean hour» of General Medicine faculty.Dean of the Faculty Alimbaeva A.R. re explained to the students «Transition rules for state grants» and famil...

2015-02-23, 11:44 AM

Meeting of the first course students of the General Medicine

The meeting of the first course students of the General Medicine faculty was held on the 13th of February, 2015. The meeting was being held by the Dean of the faculty Aliya Akanovna Alimbayeva and her assistant Indira Ualikhanovna Baysadakhova.

2015-02-23, 10:40 AM