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Distance education

Meeting of the «Etiquette» club

April 08, 2014 at the Semey State Medical University in the lecture room № 3, of the third hostel, 102, 302 group students faculty of PH held a regular meeting of the «Etiquette» club. The theme of the event “Daily Etiquette”.

2015-04-13, 09:55 AM

Holiday Наурыз мейрамы

On March, 20th, 2015 employeers of chair of internship by CMP together with collective of PMSHC № 12 had been carried out the action devoted to holiday Наурыз. For celebratory evening older persons from sites of PMSHC № 12 have been invited. Doctors-interns DCP of 624, 625, 626 groups actively participated in the organisation of evening.

2015-04-02, 10:27 AM

The celebration of "Nauryz" in the Hostel №3

Nauruz – the celebration of the New Year, spring renewal, the triumph of love, fertility and friendship. It is one of the most important and oldest festival of the Eastern peoples. It is believed that a generous feast of Nauryz will bring into every house wealth and success for the whole year. These belief explain the abundance of festive r...

2015-04-01, 04:32 AM

Event dedicated to the 100 years of Producer, Actor father of Kazakhfilm Shaken Aimanov

16 of March 2015 under the leadership of curator Samarova Umytzhan Sapargalievny held an event dedicated to the 100 years of Producer, Actor,father of Kazakhfilm -Shaken Aimanov. At the event was provided an overview about the creator of their profession, the genius of Kazakh steppes, talented person Shaken Aimanov

2015-03-31, 10:45 AM


Nauryz - is the main holiday of the year as the Kazakhs and the many peoples of Asia, celebrated for more than five thousand years. Nauryz - a celebration of spring, renewal of nature and the beginning of a new year, a new life. Therefore, March 20 at the Department of Russian language and foreign languages SSMU Semey passed the event. The...

2015-03-30, 05:20 PM

Health education of residents, interns-therapists

Influenza is acute viral infection spread easily from person to person. Influenza circulates worldwide, and everybody can get sick. Influenza causes annual seasonal epidemics, which peak in the temperate regions accounted for the winter. Influenza is a serious public health problem that causes severe illnesses and causes of deaths in the...

2015-03-28, 01:12 PM